UB empowered is a platform that contains commercial fine art photography. Each month new imagery is added. The site provides imagery to it’s members. Members can create text on the imagery and download the imagery for personal use only. Any commercial use of the imagery needs approval from Stull Studios. The membership fee of $2 a month goes to the charitable and humanistic organization, while supporting the platform and the creation of imagery.

Everyone in the platform becomes part of a positive effort towards helping women and children, addressing social justice issues and supporting the performing and visual arts. You can see some of the organizations we support on our charity page. For those of you that believe in our mission and value/enjoy the arts, we thank you for joining our movement. We will be active partners in shaping a new, positive awareness in the world.

Licensing and sale of all imagery

Dear clients/members,
Thank you for your interest. All imagery on the UBempowered site are available for commercial use. Each image is one of a series, so there are many more images that are not on the website and available. Please use our contact page and send any inquires to us for licensing. We also make available the purchase of our imagery for fine art printing.

“It is only through extending ourselves to help others that we discover
our humanity”
                                                                                              P. Stull




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