UB empowered goal is to provide members with unique photographic imagery while generating financial support for charities/humanistic organizations and the preforming arts worldwide. All of these grassroots organization, that give so much to our communities need financial support to do their work. They all make the world a better place. Here are some of the organizations that we support with many more to come. These organization are sponsored by leaders that ask their followers to join and help the organization they sponsor while enjoying our art.

” There is something magical that happens when we practice kindness towards our fellow creatures.
I don’t understand it but I enjoy the experience”

                                                                                      P. Stull

  • Mother Miracle School – Rishikhesh India – This school provides underprivileged children an education, food and a safe environment. The school is the dream child of Shahla Ettefagh. She now has 450 children under her wing who otherwise would have remained in poverty and the India cast system. Her graduating class this year has children applying to medical schools – a simple miracle. Funds are used to pull children out of poverty, educate and reduce violence especially towards girls.
  • AMY Seiwert Contemporary Ballet Company – This organization speaks to our most inner self. They inspire us to connect to our more artistic side and the beauty of being human.
  • Heavens Door Breast Cancer Foundation – This organization helps women that have breast cancer, founded by Daphne Evans. The women that she cares for have no financial resources. This charity is creating hospice environment which provides services to these women. Funds are directed to helping these women and eventually to purchase a home for these women.




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